I’ve been getting into Starcraft 2 lately, and I’ve found myself quite interested in making maps. I tried to publish my first today, and was greeted by a most unfriendly error. As the progress meter ticked up, somewhere between 80% and 100% it would fail, with the error message WORKING_SET_INSTANCE_FAIL. Completely confused by this, I googled around for a while, and no-one seemed to have a concrete solution, so I tried a few and hit on something that worked: I deleted the players colours from the Map -> Player Properties window.

Now, I’m guessing, given the confusion of the responses, that this is a blanket error message that Blizzard’s publisher spits out when something goes wrong, but the quality of it really is appalling. That message has absolutely no bearing on anything at all - it even offers a random filename as part of the message, which changes each time. Software developers: please, please, please, write decent error messages. Your users will love you for it.